Javanese Traditional Home

Home, much like clothes is part of the culture and therefore is always different from place to place, and as culture always heavily influenced by location and all its factor such as terrain, weather,population does home. The shape, material and its structure vary and that makes each home unique. One in particular is “Rumah Joglo” , which is a traditional home in Java, on of main islands in Indonesia. This home built with wood as main material, as wood is easily available in tropical country. The structure is quite simple, as you could see in this picture :

Structure of traditional Javanese home

Rumah Joglo

The interior divided into 2 parts, 1/3 of the space left open on the front side and used to entertain guests.  This part have little furnitures, usually only 2 sets of chair and table, one on right side and one on the left. Javanese people loves to gather and they will sit on the floor making circle while have conversation, or discussion about important matter , even  celebration. They will eat in the same position, therefore they need big space with few furniture that they could push aside to make room to put rug for sitting.

Front Side